REUTERS Eurozone Service: scende in Maggio da 53.3 a 52.1

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    5 Giugno 2002
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    13 Novembre 2001
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    The REUTERS Eurozone Service Sector Business
    Activity Index fell from 53.3 in April to 52.1 in May.
    Although indicating an expansion of activity for the
    fifth month running, the pace of growth was the
    weakest seen since February. The slower rate of
    expansion was driven primarily by a set back of
    growth in Germany, where contraction was reported
    following two successive months of expansion. All
    other main national economies continued to expand,
    but the rate of increase slowed in both France and
    Ireland. Growth strengthened, however, in Italy and
    Spain. Ireland again recorded the fastest pace of
    increase, followed by France.

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