Restore previous folder in Windows 10?

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    6 Maggio 2019
  1. DanielAr

    DanielAr New Member

    28 Marzo 2019
    Well, I did something just now that I've never done before: I accidentally removed a folder full of Excel and Word files. I am still getting used to my flip laptop and FORGOT that if I touch my screen, stuff happens. ACK!!! Animals sounds

    So I went googling to see if there's any way to get that folder back and found that if I right click on where the folder was I can restore previous versions? Since I've never done this before I thought I'd stop by here to see if anyone can lend some guidance. I'm worried about causing other damage

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
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  2. 8 Maggio 2019
  3. AlanDn

    AlanDn New Member

    18 Aprile 2019
    Even if you do delete something in Windows it just goes to the recycle bin. From there it is a snap to restore.
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