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Nikola President & CEO Steve Girsky Chat Transcript

Steve Girsky: We began production of the hydrogen fuel cell electric truck on July 31st, and the first production vehicle came off the line in Coolidge approximately two weeks ago. We plan to begin delivering the trucks to dealers in late September and early October and will have a launch celebration in Coolidge on September 28th where we will have our customers, dealers, and other partners in attendance. Following that event, we will ship the first production fuel cell trucks to dealers and shortly after they will be delivered to customers for operation in their fleets.
To date our dealers have received more than 210 non-binding orders for the fuel cell truck. Some of those customers include large fleet operators like JB Hunt, Biagi Brothers, and TTSI.
Our gamma hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks are logging serious miles. Last week, one of those trucks ran more than 900 miles in a day. This was quite an accomplishment and I defy anyone to find another zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) truck anywhere that can run up to 900 miles in a day.

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