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1 Ottobre 2003
taglialegna da CiubeBBa;at Tokyo as Zenigata;capt
“I say again, impossible.”
“And I correct you again. Difficult. ‘Difficult’ and ‘impossible’ are cousins often mistaken for one another, with very little in common.”
Chapter 2 “Requin” section 3 (p. 93)

It had the expression common to all kittens, that of a tyrant in the becoming.
Chapter 11 “All Else, Truth” section 9 (p. 528)

You can’t help being young, but it’s past time that you stopped being stupid.
Interlude “Locke Stays for Dinner” section 1 (p. 121)

Enlightenment! When it comes, it comes like a brick to the head, doesn’t it?
Interlude “Locke Stays for Dinner” section 1 (p. 125)

There’s no freedom quite like the freedom of being constantly underestimated.
Chapter 4 “At the Court of Capa Barsavi” section 5 (p. 219)

I’m sure we can communicate. I speak fluent hatchet.
Chapter 10 “Teeth Lessons” section 2 (p. 457)

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