How to choose the Best Classes For FFXIV Beginners (1 Viewer)

23 Giugno 2020
Choosing the best class is an important thing for beginners. First off I’m going to omit physical range because they have priority/proc based rotations.

The jobs with the lowest skill base and ceiling in the game are pretty much RDM, SAM, WHM.

RDM is a caster with a very simple rotation and simple resource management. It has a decent amount of utility and can self heal really well (and can raise). You can unlock this at LVL 50.

SAM is the simplest of melee. It has only two positional skills (you need to be behind/on the side of the enemy). They come at the end of your combo only and they aren’t that punishing to miss. All other skills are straightforward and you have a lot of time before you need to reapply debuffs and dots so it’s left plenty of room to mess up without too many consequences. You can unlock this at LVL 50.

WHM is the most straightforward of healers. It’s also the healer with the highest firepower and highest direct healing. You’re expected to heal after the damage comes in so it’s all reactive healing (unlike placing shields and mitigation). The skills are all self-explanatory, there are no catches. You can unlock this from the start as CNJ.

That’s basically what I would suggest to any beginner. What you do up until 50 doesn’t really matter in the case of RDM and SAM.

If you want me to help you choose an FFXIV class, well, I will definitely choose MONK.

I was like you tried a lot of classes as I was starting out but soon realized playing other classes that I needed a class I could easily level/msg/dungeon with and Monk was the best.

Not only is it a top DPS class but it is also a squad friendly class. It gets an AoE rotation early unlike the DRG, and can also heal and buff others. Its situational rotations are good to keep u from being bored and it'll help u to learn the boss fights, not to mention the massive damage u can inflict if u learn to play it right.

Playing PLD or warrior or any of the tank classes isn't recommended IMHO, I've seen too many new players in early dungeons who just don't know what they are doing and couldn't hold aggro. Then the squad gets frustrated or some DPS just abandons the group etc it leads to all types of negativity and wastes too much time. Learn the mechanics first while u play an easy DPS role and get through the most and the Monk class is best suited for this.

Have fun and good luck! If you want to find the best FFXIV Store, you can also ask me!

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