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"Chimminghia è Scott Bourne?" direte voi. E' un fotografo professionista americano di cui seguo un podcast trimensile e un sito.

Scrive (prima del nuovo MacPro, va detto) che Apple si occupa più di telefoni che di computer, che ha rallentato l'introduzione di innovazioni, che il suo software di elaborazione fotografico è "consumer" e non più "pro", e narra di problemi di affidabilità.
Insomma, "Apple è morta con Steve Jobs".
Decisione non definitiva, peraltro.

As a photographer, I’ve spent most of my career (well the part where computers were around anyway) using Apple products. I bought the first Apple II, the IIc, the Lisa the first Mac, the Mac II, the first Powerbook, the G3, the G4, the G5, the first Mac Pro, the first iMac and every Mac thereafter in both portable and desktop form.

I didn’t just use Apple products. I immersed myself in Apple culture. For a while I owned lots of Apple stock.

When Aperture came out, I was a very early adopter.
I went on to attend one of the first Apple-sponsored training classes on Aperture and ended up becoming one of the first Apple T3 Certified Aperture trainers (T3 meaning not only could I train end users but I could train the trainer.)


In other words, my Apple/Mac credentials are pretty darn solid.


But recently, there have been big changes in Apple and the world for that matter. Mobile and portable devices have taken the place of most desktop computers. Apple dropped the word “computer” from its name, because it’s long-term plan was to become a consumer products company centered on mobile.

I’ve bought 19 new cars since the last Mac Pro got a major refresh. Many of the people I used to know who worked at Apple in their pro apps section are gone, and as far as I can tell so is that part of the company.

I also started experiencing major quality control issues with my Apple products. I went through five iPhone 5 units before I got a good one, the first bunch all had screen issues. My brand new $4100 iMac was defective right out of the box. Apple did fix it, quickly and well but it was still inconvenient. My last two MacBook Air computers had screen issues. I got one replaced by Apple and sold it. I still have one left that I haven’t had time to fix it but eventually will. In the past I never experienced this many Apple failures.

I got a fully-loaded HP EliteBook 8770w Mobile Workstation, a fully-loaded HP Z1 (sort of like an iMac form factor) and a separate HP DreamColor display. I asked HP to build me the computers with just the clean OS and no bloatware. They complied. This is an expensive set of computers to be sure, but not much different than the same set of Macs. The one difference that WAS immediately noticeable was speed. It’s one of my favorite words – SPEED! These babies are F A S T!

No more spinning beach balls. No more two hour rendering times. Just blistering, incredible, pop-your-top-off speed. What I am talking about is watching Lightroom previews render in about half to three-quarters of the time they were on my new iMac. My iMac is no slow computer. It has every option Apple sells and is fully loaded with Apple RAM and their fastest processor, GPU and HD combo. When comparing the two, it’s not even close. There’s no need to buy one of those fancy benchmark programs. You can see it with your naked eye. It’s just plain fast.

One of the reasons the HP is so much faster is the graphics card. Much of the photo software we use today runs on the GPU not the CPU so a beefy graphics card is essential. Unfortunately, Apple’s architecture leaves it unable to compete. They can’t offer the latest, greatest, fastest graphics cards. This is a major factor in my decision to switch.

On the OS side; Windows 7 is stable. No blue screens. No crashes. Everything just works. I admit to being totally lost in the Windows interface but it isn’t as big a problem as I thought it would be because I spend 90% of my time using Adobe products on that computer. And once you’re inside the Adobe eco-system, you see the same things you see on the Mac. There are a few keyboard changes but that’s it.​

Interessante, nevvero?

La domanda è: perché Microsoft ha inventato Windows 8 che, per ora, sembra abbastanza controverso? :-?

About My Switch From Mac To Windows | Photofocus


Forumer storico
ma w8 non ha lo stesso motore di w7?

poi dal w8.1 torna il pulsante start ed il desktop come il w7 quindi le differenze di aspetto spariscono


non l'ho ancora installato w8 quindi ne parlo in maniera superficiale

ma se ha lo stesso motore di W7 dove sono le novità che uno si aspetterebbe da un nuovo s.o.?

ed in più sembra più adatto ai tablet che ai pc proprio per le "mattonelle"


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allora mi prendo un mac, mi attizza il macbook air

E' davvero un portatile figo. :up: Se non devi mettere alla frusta CPU e GPU, è quello che fa per te. :up:

Piuttosto: al mio iMac sono sparite le playlist di iTunes. :eek: E' la seconda volta, in due mesi. :eek: :eek:

Nulla che non si possa rimediare con TimeMachine (il backup automatico), però... :mumble: :mumble: :mumble:.
L'altra volta ho dovuto anche "riparare l'Hard Disk" con il DVD di installazione, questa volta no.

Non so se investire una duecentina d'euro per comprargli una SSD e pensionare l'HD: avendo 5 anni e mezzo, ed essendo un all-in-one, non vorrei che tra poco il monitor alzasse bandiera bianca. :(

E' pur vero che, in caso di default del monitor, potrei espiantare l'SSD e trasferirlo sul successivo computer (Apple o GoogleOS o Unix o qualunque altra cosa). :mumble: :mumble: :mumble:

Ah, che problemi. :melo:

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