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13 Novembre 2001
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gli indicatori tracciano l'andamento dell'attività manifatturiera nel distretto federale di Kansas City
l'intrepretazione degli indicatori è facile: sopra lo zero c'è espansione, sotto contrazione del comparto

The Bank's monthly Survey of Manufacturers provides information on current manufacturing activity in the Tenth District. The accumulated results also help trace longer term trends. The survey monitors manufacturing plants selected according to geographic distribution, industry mix, and size. Survey results reveal changes in several indicators of manufacturing activity, including production and shipments, and identify changes in prices of raw materials and finished products. Manufacturing activity in the Tenth Federal Reserve District strengthened further in May and expectations for factory activity six months down the road remained generally upbeat. The future employment index fell somewhat, but remained positive for the fifth consecutive month, suggesting job gains will be coming soon

A summary of the May survey is attached to this press release. The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City's manufacturing survey takes a snapshot of factory activity in the Tenth District by asking respondents about a variety of manufacturing indicators. From October 1994 to July 2001, the survey was performed quarterly. Starting with the July 2001 release, information about the Tenth District's manufacturing sector is available monthly. Due to the relatively brief history of the monthly survey, however, the data cannot yet be seasonally adjusted, so caution must be taken in basing analysis on month-to-month changes. Until several years of monthly data are available for seasonal adjustment, the attached summary will focus primarily on changes in activity versus a year ago.

For more information about the monthly manufacturing survey, contact Chad Wilkerson, Economic Research Department, (816) 881-2869. The March manufacturing survey, as well as background information and results from past surveys, can be found on the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City's web site,


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