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Encourage Russia to Deliver Kyoto to World
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Encourage Russian President to Ratify Kyoto, Bringing Treaty into
Effect -

January 15, 2003
If Russia ratifies the Kyoto treaty, the climate change protocol will
come into effect.
Russia has vowed to ratify the treaty on several
occasions and had been widely expected to do so this year. However,
a recent report indicates that the government is now wavering
in its commitment. For the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and
his country, which long to return to a position of global leadership,
being the final country to ratify the treaty in order to seal its
enactment would be a bold act of international leadership. Russia
stands to benefit handsomely - perhaps as much as $20 billion
annually - from emission trading and carbon offsets. Prospects for the
viability of these Kyoto mechanisms will be seriously damaged if
Russia does not honor its commitment to ratify in the first half of
this year. Please let President Vladimir Putin know you support
Russian ratification of the Kyoto Treaty at this historic moment. It
is important that you respond to the alert at and send it on to friends
and colleagues. PLEASE edit the title and text, to show the Russian
President that the World cares and is watching.

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