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    21 Agosto 2019
  1. m.m.f

    m.m.f New Member

    17 Luglio 2015
    Argentina will act to prevent 'irrational' run on peso, says new economy chief

    BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentina will not allow a chaotic fall in the peso and will use its dollar reserves to bolster the currency against the political uncertainty that erupted after the Aug. 11 primary election, Treasury Minister Hernan Lacunza said on Wednesday.

    The central bank auctioned a total $94 million in reserves during the day, traders said. The bank has spent a total $709 million to bolster the peso since President Mauricio Macri was thrashed in the primary nominating contest by center-left Peronist challenger Alberto Fernandez, who is now expected to win the Oct. 27 presidential election.

    The peso closed 0.53% weaker at 55.03 to the U.S. dollar while local stock and bond prices rose slightly, suggesting that recent market jitters had begun to calm.

    “We will not allow an irrational run on the currency. That’s why we have international reserves,” Lacunza told local radio station Mitre in an early morning interview, less than 24 hours after being sworn in as treasury chief.

    Argentine asset prices went into a tailspin last week after the primary result raised fears of a return to interventionist economic policies. After the markets closed on Wednesday, debt ratings agency Fitch said the peso’s recent depreciation “suggests a real risk of default” and “raises the potential for a sharper deterioration in economic growth.”

    Later in the day, the central bank sold $26 million, then $27 million and then $41 million in three dollar auctions.

    Lacunza was scheduled to meet with Fernandez’s economic advisers later on Wednesday.

    “Since the market pays as much attention to the future as it does to the present, in addition to what the government in charge can do, it also matters what the other candidates and their economic teams say,” Lacunza said, when asked about the meeting with the Fernandez team.

    In a bid to shore up his flagging support, Macri last week enacted a series of emergency measures, including cuts in food and personal income taxes that are aimed at helping families stung by Argentina’s recession and 55% inflation rate.

    Nicolas Dujovne, the former treasury minister, quit on Saturday, saying he believed the country needed “significant renewal” of its economic team.

    Lacunza said Argentina would hit its target of erasing the country’s primary fiscal deficit this year, under a $57 billion standby financing pact signed in 2018 with the International Monetary Fund. Macri negotiated the pact to halt a run on the peso last year.

    Macri took office in late 2015, promising to “normalize” the economy after years of heavy-handed currency controls and other interventions in the markets under previous president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who is running as Alberto Fernandez’s vice presidential candidate.

    But Macri over-estimated his ability to attract the foreign direct investment needed to make the economy grow, while under-estimating the effect that cutting public utility subsidies would have on inflation. His popularity fell as consumer prices, especially home heating gas and electricity bills, shot higher.

    Kirchner has been silent since the primary election and Fernandez says he and he alone will determine policy should he be elected. Reviled by business leaders as a free-spending populist who blew out government fiscal accounts during her two terms in office, Kirchner is loved by millions of low-income Argentines who benefited from her generous social programs.
  2. 21 Agosto 2019
  3. m.m.f

    m.m.f New Member

    17 Luglio 2015

    27.977,74 +747,12 (2,74%)
    Chiuso: 21 ago, 17:26 GMT-3

    ieri ha perso il 10 di nuovo oggi recupera quasi 3...
  4. 21 Agosto 2019
  5. m.m.f

    m.m.f New Member

    17 Luglio 2015
    USD/ARS 55,0000 +0,0000 +0,00%

    il peso non ne recupera un bel nulla anzi da ieri peggiorato stante gli sforzi...e questo non è assolutamente bello da vedersi...(altro che lira turca...)

    potrebbero fare un esperimento e vedere sè non intervengono assolutamente in 10 giorni dove và a finire così il quadro è chiaro del tutto...
  6. 22 Agosto 2019
  7. Brizione

    Brizione Moderator Membro dello Staff

    24 Febbraio 2013
    Tra queste ci sono differenze a parte il tasso differente?
    Stranamente la 993 su Berlino quota 4 punti in meno rispetto la 581 che ha tasso del 1,2% ....cioè circa due terzi meno della 993
    Grazie per la risposta
  8. 22 Agosto 2019
  9. Jsvmax79

    Jsvmax79 New Member

    15 Giugno 2016
    El BCRA colocó 111.157 millones de pesos (unos 2.027 millones de dólares) a una tasa promedio del 74,982%, frente a un rendimiento de 74,973% de la subasta previa
  10. 22 Agosto 2019
  11. fabriziof

    fabriziof New Member

    15 Febbraio 2009
    Hanno cedola uguale al 3,38 se non erro
  12. 22 Agosto 2019

    IL MARATONETA New Member

    10 Febbraio 2011
    Sono quelle a cedole crescenti se ben ricordo. Quella che ha prezzo maggiore dovrebbe avere più flottante dell'altra.
  14. 22 Agosto 2019
  15. Jsvmax79

    Jsvmax79 New Member

    15 Giugno 2016
    Sul tlx muraglietto in vendita da 300mila
  16. 22 Agosto 2019
  17. tommy271

    tommy271 New Member

    16 Gennaio 2009
    Per la compagnia petrolifera YPF il TLX propone solo due titoli: il 27/6.95% ed il 47/7%.
    Per una scelta più ampia, rimangono solo i mercati OTC.

    Personalmente tengo monitorato il nuovo decennale, uscito a giugno: 29/8.5%

    Sui TdS, ampia possibilità di scelta.
  18. 22 Agosto 2019
  19. tommy271

    tommy271 New Member

    16 Gennaio 2009
    Quel che diceva Moody's all'uscita del nuovo decennale:

    New York, June 24, 2019 -- Moody's Investors Service ("Moody's") has assigned a B2 rating to YPF Sociedad Anonima's ("YPF") proposed senior unsecured notes due 2029. The issuance volume will be in line with benchmark size. The outlook is stable.

    Net proceeds from the proposed issuance will be used for liability management, capital spending and working capital requirements.

    The rating of the proposed notes assumes that the final transaction documents will not be materially different from draft legal documentation reviewed by Moody's to date and assume that these agreements are legally valid, binding and enforceable.

    Rating assigned:

    Issuer: YPF Sociedad Anonima

    - Senior unsecured 10-year notes due 2029: B2


    YPF's B2 ratings reflect the company's large oil and gas production and reserve size, solid cash generation and credit metrics for its rating category. The ratings also reflect YPF's status as the largest industrial corporate and energy company in the domestic market, where it generates the bulk of its revenue, and its links with the government of Argentina (B2 stable), its controlling shareholder.

    The ratings are mainly constrained by YPF's concentration of operations in Argentina, a moderate-to-high foreign-currency risk given that most of the company's debt is denominated in foreign currency, its portfolio of majority mature producing fields and its rigid labor cost structure.

    YPF's ratings combine its underlying b2 Baseline Credit Assessment (BCA), which expresses a company's intrinsic credit risk, and our view of moderate support from and high dependence on the government of Argentina (B2 stable). YPF's b2 BCA incorporates its vulnerability to the local energy policy framework and economic environment and its rigid labor cost structure. It also takes into consideration our belief that the company's credit metrics will remain strong for the B rating category through the next 12-18 months.
    A Jsvmax79 e noname piace questo messaggio.

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