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  1. Le ventenni non portano il reggiseno

    I no longer get breast pain. And I'm not self conscious about the sight of my nipples anymore (unless it's a very see through top). So I would say comfort, both physically and with my body Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox
  2. DCI-P3 e Adobe RGB

    I can't speak to the print side of things, but here's my view as a web guy: it doesn't really matter how good your monitor is, because the quality of the screens being used by the people who view your projects will vary widely, from cheapo laptops to old monitors to much smaller phone screens...
  3. Windows a volte incredibilmente lento richiede hard reset

    I've had my HP Pavilion gaming laptop for about 2 years approaching mid february. It's pretty decent, and can run some games pretty good like how I want to. Sometimes, I wish it could run better when recording, or have a better gpu and more ram, but at least it gets the job done when just...
  4. Eh gniente, ciaveva il ciclo

    I see no point in comparing apples and oranges. Even if one is better than the other, they are different enough that the best thing to do is play both.
  5. Regalo finanziario per un neonato

    My first kid was born earlier this month. We received several financial gifts to either start a college fund / long term future savings if college isn't in the plans. My question is what's the best way to do this? I'm debating opening a savings account to direct some of my direct deposit into on...
  6. Tornano le ondate di covid e torna l'interesse Tattooed Chef

    The tattoo is gorgeous !! I didn't even know people could get tattoos there! Did it hurt a lot there or less than getting tattooed other places? Also I'm so jealous of people who look like models no matter what style or length of hair. You're one of them
  7. Aiuto, il mio PC è infetto Win 10: non funziona lo store per acquistare i giochi

    Same problem here. MS support told me that it is a server problem, and they should fix it anytime soon. But I cant buy or redeem anything since september 3th. Did you change your region account these days? In my case the errors started after I changed region, since I moved country last month...
  8. Ho la figlia tatuata

    A win-win situation for you both, they sound about as pleasant as having pubic crabs the day after all your finger nails fell off. NTA. Kodi nox
  9. Licenza MULTICHARTS usata

    Python is fast enough, if you're dealing on 1 and 5 minute time frames you really don't need speed of execution unless your strategy is reacting to orderflow back pressure and jumping in and out of the queue. But you've said forex so I know that is not the case. If you've got a set of conditions...
  10. un rosso di sera

    A red sunset is supposed to mean that the weather will be nice the following day. A red sunrise is supposed to indicate rain is coming. How accurate is this and why? Does the color actually matter? What if the sunrise is orange? Kodi nox
  11. Windows OS: XP, Vista, 7 Windows 10 e l'orribile gestione Display

    On my monitors this didn't happen until a week or two ago. Now it happens all the time. the problem is it doesn't recognize my smartboard as off, so everything ends up on a screen I can't view :( Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox
  12. Bluetooth 5.0 funzionalità dual audio

    I'm unclear about what the capabilities of Bluetooth 5.0 are and brought to the table. If this isn't possible, that's just fine, but I was wondering if the Essential phone was now capable of connecting to 2 devices at once over Bluetooth, and / or able to pipe audio to 2 devices at once?
  13. Dazi per merce comprata con Aliexpress

    I bought something on aliexpress that shipped with aliexpress premium shipping. It came via UPS instead of china Post/Canada post. Customs was an extra $20, paid to UPS online. Not mad, just curious as to why this time i had to pay customs fees when all the other thousand or so times i've...
  14. Programmazione TS

    Is it possible to use functional programming concepts with typescript? Such as object composition and function composition? What I mean is to not use classes. I am trying to convince my team (React.js) to use typescript but they're reluctant because they believe it is not possible to use...
  15. Cosa sono le criptovalute?

    There are two main differences (The mining might explain this better) Script coins (Litecoin and dogecoin) and Coins that use use SHA-256 (Bitcoin). Those are just different algorithms. Why should you mine? Because it helps verify payments and keep the whole system secure, and you get to earn...
  16. Andate via per Pasqua ?

    I love Easter mostly because of the candy. I have a huge sweet tooth and I absolutely love candy. I like my chocolate bunny, I like my peanut butter eggs, I like my Cadbury eggs, jelly beans, all of it. I still have kids at home so the easter bunny will come. I've gotten some non food treats for...
  17. Software_Commerciali Domanda su accoppiamento adattatori bluetooth usb

    which according to reviews is compatible with PS4, PS3 but also PC. Actually by connecting it to the PC via USB cable, the controller works regularly, but trying to pair with a USB dongle it is not associated. But I was already using the same dongle for dualshock 3. ???
  18. Miglior Antivirus X Android

    You don't need an antivirus for android unless it is rooted or you only install apks from unknown sources and yet it is not a must.Apps can't really destroy your hardware, apps can drain battery faster or affect other apps. Just use the system built one. If you are worried that you have any...
  19. Upfrontupfrontpreconto

    As a newish player who has become a mostly green player. I would like to try and build a commander that can help get me oit of my comfort zone. The one color i dont have represented in my decks is blue. I was wanting to build a budget dimir deck. Do you have any suggestions on a commander that...
  20. Aiuta anche tu lucraina. Un gesto concreto

    I would say no ... Gestures certainly play a huge role in communication, but they aren't a part of a language, like how the phonology or syntax are a part of a language - you can use a spoken language just fine with zero hand gestures (eg if you were paralyzed from your neck down). Compare that...