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Greece Issues Exchange Offer Terms; Raises Minimum Acceptance Threshold To 75% From 66%; €10 Billion Buys PSI Killer

Three days ago we recoiled in terror at the stupidity of Greek leaders, when we learned that the Greek exchange offer would be deemed satisfactory if only 66% of bondholders accept it as valid, as it would mean an immediate abrogation of UK-law bonds which have a 75% minimum covenant threshold as specified in the indenture. Apparently this was a "small oversight" on behalf of the gross amateurs in charge of this process as according to the just released full exchange offer doc, this threshold was mysteriously raised to the proper minimum acceptance threshold of 75%. Of course, it is needless to say that at least 25% of Greek bondholders will decline the offer, either in the current Greek law exchange, or the forthcoming UK-law one, which would throw the whole process into a tailspin. Because here is the kicker, from the release: "if less than 75% of the aggregate face amount of the bonds selected to participate in PSI are validly tendered for exchange, and the Republic does not receive consents that would enable it to complete the proposed exchange with respect to bonds selected to participate in PSI representing at least 75% of the aggregate face amount of all bonds selected to participate in PSI, the Republic will not proceed with any of the transactions described above." So here's the math: if one has 25% +1 of the €177 billion in Greek-law bonds, they can smash the entire process (and give Germany a way out, wink wink). At today's price of about 20 cents on the dollar, this means that one can hold Greece, and thus Europe (assuming Europe wants Greece in the Eurozone and Germany itself is not the biggest shadow hold out) hostage for less than €9 billion. Or better yet, since the total bonds subject to PSI are about €206 billion, this means UK law bonds of just €29 billion are part of the deal, and one can buy a blocking stake there, at roughly 30 cents on the euro, for a meager €2 billion in cash out today. Furthermore since many hedge funds already have built up blocking stakes, this almost certainly means that Greece will not get the requisite needed votes to pass the exchange. Wondering if these hold-outs are actively shorting the market knowing they can bring Europe to its knees with virtually no capital at risk? You should be.
And 75% is just the absolute minimum threshold: somehow Greece thinks it has a realistic chance of getting 90% to agree to get raped, run over, and crammed down by 4 other classes of senior noteholders:

In addition, unless bonds representing at least 90% of the aggregate face amount of all bonds selected to participate in PSI are validly tendered for exchange, the Republic will not be required to settle any of the exchanges. However, if the Republic receives consents to the proposed amendments that would result in at least 90% of the aggregate face amount of all bonds selected to participate in PSI (including bonds tendered for exchange) being exchanged on the terms proposed by the Republic, the Republic intends, subject to all other conditions being satisfied and in consultation with its official sector creditors, to declare the proposed amendments effective and to complete the exchange of all bonds selected to participate in PSI that would be bound by the proposed amendments.

If at least 75% but less than 90% of the aggregate face amount of all bonds selected to participate in PSI are validly tendered for exchange, the Republic, in consultation with its official sector creditors, may proceed to exchange the tendered bonds without putting any of the proposed amendments into effect.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the German "out", because since Greece will at best get an absolute minimum passing threshold, Germany will just say Nein and call the process abusive.
As posted before, here is the walkthru for the transaction, just replace 66% with 75% in the minimum threshold case.
Buon fine settimana.

Non riesco ad immaginare come finirà il caso Grecia, ma di una cosa sono sicuro.

Anche nell'ipotesi, ormai probabile e forse desiderata da tutti, che la Grecia esca dall'euro e proceda a un default disordinato, gli effetti sui mercati sarebbero minimi, almeno nel breve termine.

Ciò in quanto, con il governo Monti e con le iniezioni di liquidità della BCE, è stata stesa una rete di sicurezza intorno agli altri malati dell'Europa, e in particolare per le dimensioni dell'economia l'Italia e la Francia.

Con il governo Monti non perché abbia ben operato, ma solo perché è un podestà forestiero.

Il podestà forestiero - Corriere della Sera

Ed è stato rimosso, quindi, il pericolo che anche l'Italia mettesse in dubbio la partecipazione all'euro.

Berlusconi: L'euro è una moneta strana

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